Wednesday, May 19, 2010




On account of fucked-up-edness, the GRIDS PARTY PATROL hasn't updated this blog in long time.

Grids summer tour, etc:

GRIDS east coast summer tour, records, tapes, etc. etc.

we still need some help with a couple dates

July 9 (Friday) - Greensboro
*July 10 (Saturday) - Richmond
*July 11 (Sunday) - Baltimore
July 12 (Monday) - NYC
July 13 (Tuesday) - NYC
July 14 (Wednesday) - Providence
*July 15 (Thursday) - Philly
July 16 (Friday) - Charlottesville
July 17 (Saturday) - Raleigh
July 18 (Sunday) - drugs

Shit we still have:

"The First Year Of Garbage and Noise" cs
a bunch of fucked up scrapped tracks, live songs, and noise that made up 11 months.


buy both of those:
lunchbox records

Stuff coming out:

order here:
inkblot records

ps. we are going to have some cheap shirts for sale sometime this week. spring-fucking-cleaning my friends.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


double negative
brain flannel

Fuck Texas

Someone moved to texas, but someone else started playing bass.

There is now a second Grids tape on StatueStory Tapes:

You can buy that and the 7" at the Lunchbox Records e-store.
LB Store

The first tape is officially sold out.

Completely unrelated note, one of the sickest bands is playing Charlotte in a few weeks:


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tenth: Thrones show and other info

We are playing with the Thrones in a week and a half at The Milestone.
I couldn't be more excited about this show.
seriously, Joe Fucking Preston! played in Earth, Sunn0)), Harvey Milk, The Melvins...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ninth: Recording Sucks

Grids took down "Old California" from that website we use because it wasn't properly mastered yet. Also, Josh asked if it was a joke. Joke's on him!
Record release show is in a month for the record Lunchbox did. Yardwork, Moenda, and Tenspeed are all playing it. I'm pretty sure I pissed Joe off with my choices for bands, but everyone playing is excellent and it's just enough of a clusterfuck to be fun.
Recording went smoothly, which was kind of a surprise.

also, the grids went to atlanta last weekend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eight: Recording Accordingly

Grids spent today recording too many songs with too many people at Threshing Floor with Jeremey Snyder.  We finished 6 songs, even mixed them all down.
uploaded a song because I love everyone

Old California

This song and three others are going to be out on a 7" on Inkblot records in a few months.
There's another album in the works that we're recording for in July. three records in '09 for the Grids Party Patrol.

After four days of seeing sunrises, screaming my brains out, and banging my head up and down to two of the best bands in the South East, I'm finally going to bed.